Källkod Oy

Källkod (in Swedish “source code”) is a company established by experts having vast and intensive experience in software development with a special focus on embedded software. We develop software for our own projects and provide consulting services for other companies.

The primary company goal is to write the highest quality source code which, based on our experience, critically depends on having good team players and enabling effective cooperation between them. We believe that every team member is very important for the overall success, therefore our recruiting process is taking into account every candidate personality and treat them uniquely. This helps organizing comfortable work conditions, friendly environment and, lead to the optimal performance.

We are focused on young, talented and active people. The main requirements for our candidates are to be fluent in at least one of the modern programming languages and to seek to create a product to be proud of. We are also considering candidates without education in the computer science field but having the required experience and skills and those who suffered employment discrimination in their home country. Finland is very well known for tolerance and equality so we are looking forward to help talented people to make their way to the enabling environment so they could realize their full potential.

Our seasoned experts can  estimate future co-workers professionalism, get them up to speed and successfully integrate into Finnish society. We support our workers during their entire career, helping  them with paperwork, accommodation and also boosting their skills and expertise. Developers having solid working and living experience in Finland support newcomers, helping them to adapt to Finnish working life and become part of our team to start the professional activity smoothly. Our developers who work on site at our client office can be sure to receive our support and attention.

The last but not the least is that our company operates in strict accordance with Finnish labor code therefore can assure full respect of  the workers rights.