About Us

Källkod is an IT consulting company established by experts who have a vast and intensive experience in software development with a special focus on embedded software development.

We focus on materializing your ideas in the field of industrial automation, embedded system software development and IoT. By bringing our expertise and IT technologies we offer our clients a reliable and cost-effective approach for their technical needs.

The primary company goal is to write the highest quality source code which, based on our experience, critically depends on having good team players and enabling effective cooperation between them.

Our Team:

Viacheslav Sobolev
Founder and Chief Technology Officer
“The most extroverted developer that you have ever met”

Janina Soboleva
Co-founder and Business Process Designer
“Moomminmamma of our organization”.
Our creative and inspirational leader.

Alexey Ryltsov
Executive Director
“Excellent communicator experienced in interpreting and implementing client visions of projects”.

Viktorya Gabriljants
Psychologist, Consultant
“Spreading contagious smile and making sure that our candidates and employees feel comfortable :)”.

Alena Adameika
Account Manager, PhD
“If you want to philosophize the work process, you are very welcome ;)”.

Irina Momchilovich
Project Manager
The heart of our office :).