Our core values

1. Professionalism
Our team consists of developers with impressive work experience, who are enthusiastic about work process and always eager to improve their skills.
Källkod Oy ensures that the recruitment process runs in the best possible way and supervises continual professional improvement of its employees.

2. Flexibility
Flexibility is the basis of Källkod Oy mentality. We run the recruitment process in accordance with specific needs of your projects.

3. Quality
Our top priority is high quality of our products, which will be easy to work with in the future.

4. Human-centric approach and support
We work with people and for people, taking care of the psychological atmosphere in the company and using a humanistic approach in personnel management while running business.

5. Safety
Källkod Oy meets all security expectations of its customers and the data protection authorities. Our data security methods meet the GDPR requirements, as our professionals with vast experience in network and database security take care of your data protection.

6. Equality
We assess our professionals by the quality of their work, without being distracted by their physiological or psychological status, or any ethnic or religious differences. Following the deeply rooted Scandinavian tradition of equality, we provide equal opportunities to all our employees and candidates.

7. Care and comfort
The main priorities of Källkod Oy are comfortable working conditions for its employees, and supporting their mental and physical health. We guarantee that our employees are having safe and comfortable working conditions and social support.