Recruiting Process of the Future: Building recruitment objectives and strategy of the company

Running a recruitment process is a challenging task for many companies. Job market has transformed into candidates-oriented place, where talents pick the companies and dictate the rules of recruitment “games”. Such changes demand intensive recruitment marketing development, team work, which means the impact of different company specialists to the recruiting process, and  readiness to hire different types of employees with diverse cultural and religious backgrounds, different genders and sexual orientation, also specialists with psychological disorders and who possess soft (future-proof) skills.

By following a diversity principle while hiring people companies therefore support tolerant work atmosphere, increase the number of highly qualified specialist with valuable experience, what all in all influences on a successful decision making process.

The latest world and Finnish statistics serves as an evidence of such a tendency to hire diverse specialists. The number of world-known companies that hire people with psychological problems (mostly with autism spectrum) increase rapidly. Among them we can mention Microsoft, Dell, Freddie Mac, and other famous companies… Read more