How to conduct a good job interview in 3 steps?

Källkod team can share some of its secrets, so that its candidates will know what to expect and partners will get evidence of a high recruiting process quality.

The first step includes written sources analysis, where candidates CV are thoroughly evaluated. What are our evaluation criteria? First of all, we need to see whether candidate’s work experience and education match specifics of our company and Finnish market demands.

We also pay attention to candidate’s hobbies, her or his position in the team, so that we can see through the soulless  CV pages a rich personality of a potential employee.

After this stage only those candidates are selected, who match the criteria. Usually we do not put too strict limits here, so this phase is quite relaxed.

The second step is the first nontechnical interview. It can be held remotely via electronic devices or personally in the company office, depending on the candidate’s location and convenience for both sides. The interview itself is the first acquaintance with the candidate, the attempt to understand her or his life goals, career perspectives, team role etc. It is important to point out that the first interview is held by experts in Psychology and Philosophy, what makes the evaluation process more professional and therefore more trustworthy.

The third and the last step represents the most strict selection of IT professionals. It is held by highly qualified IT experts with vast work experience in different IT sectors and companies, and includes different tricky tasks and questions. It  is one of the most difficult parts of selection process that combines case-study methods and active forms of interaction, and can be held personally or remotely. It lasts at least 1,5 hours and demand candidate’s time, energy, attention and creativity.

We really appreciate candidates, who despite a good luggage of knowledge, education and work experience, are ready to learn something new, receive constructive critics from colleagues and hear the opinions of others.

Despite technical interview difficulty our professionals manage to maintain a friendly and open atmosphere during the interview so that candidates feel less stressed and more focused on decision making process.

After all these steps and some professional team discussion we select only those candidates who successfully cope with difficult tasks, have strategic thinking and can be reliable team players in future.

It is important to point out that by these 3 steps our cooperation with candidates do not end. It continues with a common fruitful work which includes CV correction, suitable projects search and client interview preparation.

Moreover, we appreciate all our candidates and give them a chance to improve their skills by giving some pieces of advice concerning future career perspectives. We keep in touch with all our applicants and always ready to continue our cooperation also with young professionals and current students, towards whom we act as senior IT sector mentors.

Remember that choosing Källkod Oy as your workplace or as a partner you thereby choose equality, reliability, care and professionalism.

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