IT sector development in Finland

Can you guess which Finnish industrial sector exports over 50% of its services, responsible for 70% of all investment in research and development carried out in Finland, and demonstrates the highest employment level in the EU (6.8 % in comparison to 3.7 % average European indicator)? 😎

Exactly, it is Finnish IT sector, or to be more precise, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector.

Moreover, this little country with its total population of 5,5 million people, has brought to the world SMS, 5G, and the Linux operating system. It is even possible to find Finnish sensors on Mars! 💫

Specialists consider software branch, whose market has recently shown a rapid 5.9 % growth, hardware and telecommunications as the most important Finnish sub-sectors which have bright perspectives.

For us, as an IT consulting company is a pleasure to work in this prestigious Finnish industry and make our modest contribution to its further development. 🤗

Remember, that by choosing Källkod Oy, you therefore choose constant improvement and bright future in the most prestigious Finnish IT sector! 💪🙂

You can find more detailed information about Finnish IT in the following article:

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