Källkod’s participation in Autwave2019

As it has been announced before a friendly and supporting Källkod team participated in Autwave2019 event, devoted to the main autistic issues. The event took place on 1-2 November and aimed to connect experts, sponsors, autistis spector people and everyone who is not indifferent to the autistic spectrum people issues.


One more positive thing was that the event broadened its boundaries and embraced experts from different European countries (Finland, Poland, Netherlands, United Kingdom), so that it was possible for them to share their valuable experience, analyse all pros and cons of the existing social and legislative systems concerning autistic spectrum people, and conduct a constructive fruitful dialogue.


The discussed topics impressed with its diversity, starting from different national legislative aspects of autistic spectrum people life, some social issues, and finishing with their unemployment and study issues, and autistic spectrum people networks creation.


For instance the lecture of Doctor Henri Pesonen, held on Friday, 1 November, was devoted to the autistic graduates employability improvement. The doctor pointed out the problem of autistic graduates unemployment rate (67 % of them cannot find a job within 6 months after graduation) and a sad connection between the number of  unemployed people and the level of their education (the higher education level they reach the less opportunities to get a job they get). The lecture caused an active discussion, that led to the conclusions that companies recruitment process strategies should be changed and more social and legislative support should be provided for the autistic spectrum people.


Källkod team with pleasure participated in this event both as a sponsor and volunteers, combining financial aid with guests transportation and assistance, food and advertisement materials preparation. Besides it was very useful for us to get important information and consultations from highly-qualified experts in autistic spectrum issues and receive good pieces of advice for the future company actions concerning autistic spectrum candidates.


It was especially pleasant for us to realize that the Källkod’s thoughts and ideas completely coincide with experts opinions and the company’s actions receive positive support from the community of specialists.


We appreciate all the help and assistance that have been received during the Autwave2019 event and hope that this event will have a positive continuation in the future.


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