Pride Week in Helsinki and Källkod team

“Pride is a time where I can hold my boyfriend’s hand in public without fear… both of us have been heckled and abused in the street, and he (my boyfriend) has been physically assaulted for wearing rainbow clothes during pride month. So it’s a space for us to just exist” – says Alex about the Pride Parade for The Guardian.

Indeed, some 20-30  years ago gender and sexual issues were something that could cause trouble for the people who just were seeking for equality and the right to be understood. Nowadays the situation has changed for the better, but, unfortunately, there are still remaining issues, when still people who lead different lifestyles can be hurt both in a physical and psychological ways.

Our team consists of people with different sexual orientation and different cultural and religious background. Källkod Oy fully supports diversity of lifestyles and happily takes part in the events devoted to equality problems.

You should know that working with and for Källkod Oy, you get equal rights and opportunities no matter what colour you choose in your life rainbow 🏳️‍🌈.

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