Professional development at Källkod Oy

Focusing on high-quality services, Källkod team is always eager to improve their professional qualifications by participating in different scientific and business activities, and taking part in volunteer work and professional psychological training.

You can meet our experts at medical technics events, such as  MedTech4 Europe-hankkeen sidosryhmätilaisuus, Healthtech Story Mixer, events for young companies, arranged by Maria01, Helsinki-Uusima Regional Council, Hack the Skin Cancer team etc. We also support gender, religious, ethnic and other types of equality and actively participate in the events devoted to gender, ethnic and other problems. Take, for example, such an event as Women in Life Science symposiums or  Lesbians Who Tech meetings, that are focused on gender equality and support.

Furthermore we are having professionals in our team who take care of psychological health and stability of our employees and constantly improving our social interaction skills ourselves. Take, for example, Yanina Soboleva, Co-founder and Business Process Designer of Källkod Oy, who actively participates in SVK HYVIS volunteer support program for people with disorders.

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