WANTED! Talents for the open source project participation!


Källkod team is looking for programmers to participate in an open source project!

Our goal is to create a long-lasting team for the future successful outsource projects participation.

Target audience

Programmers, who face certain difficulties in their professional realisation: difficulties with finding a job or current job, specific professional abilities or psychological features that do not match labour market requirements despite their professional skills, etc.

What is open source?

  • Software which could be used for free
  • Source code of such software is available for everyone, so people are free to modify it for their specific needs

Why open source?

As you may know Källkod Oy is an IT consulting company that provides personnel for commercial projects. So far we have discovered that customers are not eager to hire non-regular people. This is somewhat understandable, because they meet enough difficulties with technology and sales and want to minimize additional challenges in the work process.

That is why we decided to offer the IT people the opportunity to participate in an open source project and build our own team in order to increase the interest in our candidates so that there will be more chances for them to be hired.

What are we planning to do?

  • Implement project required by another company.
    • We do not waste our time to create some useless stuff,
    • By showing some real project results we all  gain trust from potential customers,
    • Therefore we get a commercial customer and a workplace for our candidates.
  • At a starting phase we plan not charge our first customer for this open source project, while we are developing our team.

If you are interested in an open source project participation, please contact us by sending your CV to the following email: vskod@kallkod.fi (Viacheslav Sobolev).