We are hiring autistic people!

Källkod is an IT consulting company established by experts who have a vast and intensive experience in software development with a special focus on embedded software development.

We focus on materializing your ideas in the field of industrial automation, embedded system software development and IoT. By bringing our expertise and IT technologies we offer our clients a reliable and cost-effective approach for their technical needs.

The primary company goal is to write the highest quality source code which, based on our experience, critically depends on having good team players and enabling effective cooperation between them.

One of the most important recent Källkod’s objectives is to hire autistic people and also people with different religious, cultural background and sexual orientation, give talented people opportunities to get a job and arrange suitable work conditions for them.

What inspired us to create such a company?

First of all, it is a vast experience in PR and marketing, programming and work for various companies in different countries, which helped to collect important data about IT business development.

Secondly, it is a personal positive experience of having autism spectrum people in the top-managers’ family, as Yanina and Viacheslav Sobolev have autism spectrum children. Such an experience helped us to realize that autistic people may be very talented professionals in different spheres (especially in the IT sphere as strong problem focusing and attentive attitude to the details is very common for such people). Moreover we could experience ourselves that a positive improvement of such people strongly depends on the appropriate social surrounding and conditions.

Finally, our specialists have thoroughly investigated contemporary world and Finnish statistics in recruiting and unemployment and came to the conclusion of a critical necessity of such company existence that hires and supports autistic people. Just imagine that worldwide 80 percent of autism spectrum people are still unemployed!

Why us?

While establishing our recruiting objectives we pay attention to the diversity of candidates and hire people despite their gender, sexual, religious and national differences or physical and psychological peculiarities. Moreover, one of Källkod’s recruiting objectives is to support people with physical and mental disorders. That is why we closely cooperate with such organizations as Suomen Venäjänkieliset, Finnish Association for Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Our staff and management participate in volunteer work devoted to the help of people with psychological disabilities. Furthermore, our team includes a professional psychologist whose main duty is to assist such people and create integration plans for them.

While running the recruitment process at Källkod in order to follow the team work tendency, we attract all kinds of company professionals: psychologist, HR manager, business developer, lawyer, technical specialists and even the management of the company. Running the first step of the recruiting process we pay attention to the personality of potential candidates, trying to figure out her or his demands, potentiality in a team etc. We even assist last year students acting as mentors of their career.

The above mentioned facts show our high professional level and readiness to provide a professional help to autistic people, which is also based on our personal experience.