For candidate

By choosing to work for Källkod Oy, you get:

  1. Support with relocation
  2. Support with any daily issues and paperwork
  3. Cover costs for tech courses, seminars, literature and anything helping to boost skills and experience
  4. Free food & regular team building events
  5. Private forums and chats for the company people
  6. Equality and full respect of the workers’ rights
  7. Assistance in searching accommodation and facilitating rental procedures
  8. Assistance in leasing vehicles
  9. Social and psychological support, including occupational burnout issues and individual rehabilitation program
  10. Extended medical insurance

Submit a resume in any format (MS Word or PDF is preferred) to!

We will reply (we always do!) with the details (either we proceed to the next step or provide the details why we can’t do this at the moment and what to do to move further).

The steps of the interview and recruitment process include:

  1. Remote interview via skype or any other means  best suited for both parties. This interview usually touches on both technical (skills, experience etc.) and non  technical points (candidates career and general plans, what technologies are most appealing to the candidate etc.). There might be several such interviews with different people but we promise  to do our best to keep them to a minimum.
  2. Test development task (might be paid or not paid).
  3. Personal interview which might happen at any suitable place for you (our location or office, some conference/meeting room which we arrange, or at your location). There might be a group interview with multiple people in the same location, based on the situation.

If you succeed we will do all the applicable paperwork for you (contract, visa documents etc.), and will help you to get a permission and working visa.

Join our friendly team and have a productive and mutually beneficial cooperation!