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We are a software development consulting company focusing on materializing your ideas in the field of industrial automation, embedded system software development and IoT.
Over our career we have worked with many clients and people in different countries and tackled many different IT projects in different domains.
By bringing our expertise and IT technologies we offer our clients a reliable and cost-effective approach for their technical needs. Whether it’s embedded system, desktop, mobile or the cloud, we have the approach and experience to get the job done.
Our promise is that you, as a client, can expect to get a tailor-made service. Either it’s a one-off placement or  help build a whole new team. As Källkod is based in Finland, all communication is fast and easy.

As a software engineers, we recognize that…

  • in any project, changes need to be done and you need to temporarily increase your workforce.
  • when you are facing a unique challenge, Källkod can provide  reinforcement to your existing team.
  • you may need to completely outsource a project. Ie, Källkod can establish a new team for you.

By choosing Källkod Oy as your partner, you get:

  • A reliable partner, which takes responsibility for the quality of its products
  • The staff that you need
  • The work that will get done efficiently
  • Guarantees that your data will be securely protected
  • Temporary reinforcement to your own IT team when you face a unique challenge
  • A team of professionals with whom it is easy to communicate

Is is important to mention that during the recruitment process all candidates are interviewed and selected by our highly-qualified technical experts. It increases the level of recruitment process and performs as an a warranty that our clients’ demands and expectations will be met in the best possible way.

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