Services and Collaboration



In embedded software development we focus on Linux-based systems. We possess rich experience in medical equipment software and measurement development.

We also have an experience in remote equipment control development via the Internet.

Technologies, tools and expertise
  • Linux, bare hardware, OSE 4.5/5.2(RTOS)
  • C/C++, Qt, Python
  • UI for touch screens
  • Remote equipment control and monitoring
  • Measurement equipment



Our team also provides services, connected with data science and advanced analytics. We turn data into value by using mathematical models and algorithms. Our team of experts that includes both IT specialists and life scientists will develop necessary programs and products for you, and also will make necessary expertise and analysis on a top level.

Our team comprises highly qualified specialists with extensive experience and great educational background in applied sciences and data analysis.

Technologies, tools and expertise
  • Numerical simulations in different fields of space plasma physics:
    -magnetohydrody-namics (MHD)
    -relativistic (rMHD)
    -HYBRID simulations
    -Particle-In-Cell simula-tions (PIC)
  • Data Analysis, Mathematical modeling
    Algorithm Design
  • Metrics aggregation and reporting using Excel and R markdown
  • Binary analytics tools: IDA Pro, OllyDbg, WinDbg, Sysinternals tools, API Monitor



Källkod Oy can boast of having seasonal experts in data protection issues.

Technologies, tools and expertise
  • Security Protocols, Network Security Pentesting
  • Database Security
  • Snort Intrusion Detection
  • System LDAP


Based on our experience and most common types of customer needs we offer (but not limited to) several types of collaborations, each of which has its own pros and cost and specifics.

1. Firstly, we offer our clients to deal with our experts in the two following ways:

1.1. We can integrate our specialists into the client existing development team. The client will need to provide out consultant(s) or developer(s) with a working space, all the required hardware/software and the necessary training. One of the major advantages is to bring new experience and skills into the team with the existing working process and practices.
1.2. Other options will mostly work for the clients, who are not considering to increase their team by bringing new people on board. In this situation we can offer to make a contract and bring up to the entire team of our consultants and developers. The number of experts and developers will depend on the complexity of the task and scope of work. We will provide the required work space, necessary hardware and software for the required consultants and developers and provide the required training. Based on the agreements the team will periodically provide deliverables. The client will own all the rights for the product or solution developed.
For this option the client will pay for the services rendered based on an hourly rate. The client is not required to integrate our consultants and developers into their team and cover any additional costs.

2. Secondly, we can ourselves take care of our clients’ new or existing employees:

2.1. If our client already has any talented candidates who need any special support (physical, mental, or perhaps with relocating) – we are ready to take care of all the recruitment and other related matters and support them as needed.
2.2. We are ready to take care of the developers, who already have a great professional experience and skills, but who faced stress, burnout at work or other difficulties.
These two collaboration variants help our clients to keep valuable employees, while we help them to work through their challenges.

We are also ready to consider other types of collaboration, based on the combination of the above or any other types or forms mutually beneficial to both parties.
Besides the above Källkod Oy can also help transforming your ideas into actions, starting from formulating the vision and making it a reality.
We are also would be happy to discuss any other ideas or suggestion about mutually beneficial collaboration.